Fun Jackson Lake “Neighborhood” Facts about the Adirondacks

There are a lot of interesting facts about Jackson, NY. Things that even some of the locals may or may not be aware of. There are common knowledge facts, such as the town is thought to be teapot shaped, and that it was named after the seventh president back in 1815. The location is perfect for those seeking outdoor adventure, so let’s discover some fun facts!

Jackson is History Filled & Family Owned

This town features a total of three historic covered bridges and is surrounded by a good number of lakes. There are plenty of sites for camping in the woods, with multiple campgrounds available, which is why it makes a great choice for outdoorsy people. There are also a ton of summer cottages that are beautifully designed from the ceiling to the carpets.  All these homes in and around the nearby lakes keep this quaint town alive.

The town’s primary industry is agriculture, and Jackson has plenty of farms strewn about the hillsides where acres of trees were removed to open space for farming crops over the generations. The interesting part about the farms themselves is that most of the farms have been operated by the same family. Not just for a few years, but for over a hundred years, the same family has owned them. Continue reading “Fun Jackson Lake “Neighborhood” Facts about the Adirondacks”