Lake House Plumbing Needs

If you live at on lake front property, there is a high probability that unless you are skilled at dealing with plumbing issues, you will be looking for a plumbing service company because it is a common requirement for lake living. When researching for the providers of these services, you will get many quotes that will astonish you in terms of the difference in pricing. It is not advisable to go for the most expensive or the cheapest. Good providers of plumbing services answer to your emergency call with a rapid response time because there is nothing worse than not having access to drinking water, broken pipes, flooding or sewer issues. They understand their role in the homestead because their services will save many items in your home from getting spoiled or damaged.

With extremely cold temperatures that many lakeside residents face, there is a high probability that the pipes supplying water here freeze and possibly burst if they are not properly winterized. Cold temperatures can cause cracks in the pipes of your home leading major or minor leakage and water damage to the building and its contents.

If you have ever experienced the drama of water spills, possessing an emergency number from professional plumbers is an option you will always bear in the mind. What people think about lakeside plumbing is that it involves handling both clean and used water. Plumbing involves anything in the facility or home that has pipes, tubing, and piping fixtures. An indoor plumbing system for houses at the lakeside serve purposes like bathing, dish washing, clothe washing, and drinking.

Water sources at the lake

Tap water mainly comes from the municipal supply, water truck delivery, water wells and natural sources and bodies like rivers, lakes, rain, and much more. In this system in the house at the lakeside, the faucet is the commonest water fixture. You will also find the drain water vent system that removes dirty water from and expels dirty gases from the sewer system. Fixtures like the sink, shower, and toilets are the ones that remove the waste water in a manner that will not pollute the surrounding ground water or the lake. Continue reading “Lake House Plumbing Needs”

What Lake Dwellers Lооk Fоr іn a HVAC Sеrvісе Prоvіdеr

Life by the lakes is cool and refreshing, but……

New York’ shot and sultry summers can send you scrambling for relief.  If you have a small bungalow, a window air conditioner may satisfy you needs to get the heat and humidity out of you home for comfortable sleeping.  Larger Lake homes and of course businesses require larger units and the help of HVAC specialists.  Here are some helpful points for our Jackson Lake Living readers to consider.

Having a dependable HVAC system for your home or business is a must. Yes, you can get by making use of a window cooler or a box fan some of the warm days, but for much summer season, having an efficient сooling system is a must not only cool but remove the humidity from the air. But what is needed to guarantee the cooling system you have in place, іs kept up and working optimally- especially іf you aren’t an HVAC technician? Easy… be sure to have a quality HVAC service contractor! Continue reading “What Lake Dwellers Lооk Fоr іn a HVAC Sеrvісе Prоvіdеr”

Jackson Lake Living Hunting & Fishing

When most people think of the state of New York, they think of New York City. They think of the big city life and Times Square. Some want to visit such an area where a taxi or limo service is a necessity. Others want to stay far away from the noise of the Big Apple. That is just fine as there are plenty of other areas in New York. There are also plenty of other things to do in the state of New York. The question is… what fits your fancy? Are you a hunter, a fisherman, or just a tourist? Everyone has different ideas of fun. Some love to hunt while others just like to relax. The good news is that there is plenty of open space and hunting grounds in New York for both groups. Lake living in Washington County offers plenty of opportunity for both.

Hunting, Fishing or Wildlife watching!

The Adirondack Mountain Range has plenty of areas to explore. Wildlife is plentiful and the scenery will take your breath away every time. We really mean it when we say there is a lot of wildlife, though. Make sure to bring a decent rifle with you even if you are not planning to hunt. Bears and wolves are just as common sights as deer. If you do not want to take your pooch along with you, consider leaving them in a dog kennel. You will also want to wear plenty of thick clothing. There are no tree services that work out in these woods.

Don’t forget Washington County.

This is a great place for young hunters to learn the sport.  Did you know that the New York State Department of environmental conservation sponsors Youth and Junior hunter weekends?  They release adult pheasant into the areas all across the state including Eldridge Swamp State Forest, Carter’s Pond Wildlife Management Area, and Washington County State Forest.  Eldridge Swamp State Forest is in the town of Jackson, NY.

The many rivers of New York State also make for great fishing and hunting grounds. The Batten Kill River, a tributary of the Hudson River makes for great fishing in our own Jackson New York backyard. There is nothing more relaxing that fishing. And who knows, you may even bring home dinner.

Even if you are not a hunter or fisherman, the abundant wildlife makes for great bird watching and wildlife observation in general.  You would be amazed at the number and variety of wildlife you will see right from your porch or deck or while lounging near your pool.

Lake Lodging near Jackson, NY

If you are looking for 5-star hotels, then you probably aren’t interested in hunting, anyways. However, Cambridge, NY would be the closest place for motel and bed and breakfast lodging. You may want to consider some vacation property websites if you are looking to take a vacation closer to Hedges Lake.  There is a campground right near Lake Lauderdale. Obviously, as you move closer to Lake George and the Adirondack resort communities you will find hotels, lodges, and camps.  You may not be able to enjoy lake living year round, but a week or two can be amazing.

Fun Jackson Lake “Neighborhood” Facts about the Adirondacks

There are a lot of interesting facts about Jackson, NY. Things that even some of the locals may or may not be aware of. There are common knowledge facts, such as the town is thought to be teapot shaped, and that it was named after the seventh president back in 1815. The location is perfect for those seeking outdoor adventure, so let’s discover some fun facts!

Jackson is History Filled & Family Owned

This town features a total of three historic covered bridges and is surrounded by a good number of lakes. There are plenty of sites for camping in the woods, with multiple campgrounds available, which is why it makes a great choice for outdoorsy people. There are also a ton of summer cottages that are beautifully designed from the ceiling to the carpets.  All these homes in and around the nearby lakes keep this quaint town alive.

The town’s primary industry is agriculture, and Jackson has plenty of farms strewn about the hillsides where acres of trees were removed to open space for farming crops over the generations. The interesting part about the farms themselves is that most of the farms have been operated by the same family. Not just for a few years, but for over a hundred years, the same family has owned them. Continue reading “Fun Jackson Lake “Neighborhood” Facts about the Adirondacks”

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So glad that you found our site.  In the coming weeks I hope to share interesting incites into our town do Jackson, New York and other neighboring rural communities across the lake dotted hillsides of the Adirondacks.  Please stop back soon!